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Aitken Wreglesworth Associates Corporate body
AL Langevin & Associates Corporate body
Allison, Paul, gardener
Andrews, B. A. Person
Anonymous 1 Person
Barr, Debra Person
Bateman, Robert, 1930-
Boddy, Larry Person
Bolger, Len Person
Borden, C. S. Person
Brett & Hall Corporate body
British Columbia. Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform. Corporate body
Brown, D. J. Person
Bruner, Gavin Person
Caines, Michael Person
Campbell, Lori Person
Canadian Services College Royal Roads Corporate body
Cantelon, S. N. Person
Carl E. Peterson
City of Colwood Corporate body
Common, D. L.
Craig, Bob Person
Creery, T. Person
Dale, Ann, 1948-
Dalsin, Gordon Person
Davies, Steph Person
DND (Department of National Defence) Corporate body
Dunsmuir Family Family
Dunsmuir, James Person
Featherston, Bob Person
Flintoff, Douglas Person
Frank Udell Person
Garriott, Scott Person
Glynn, P. A. Person
Goodall, Edward Person
Goodman, Cindy Person
Grimm, Chad Person
Hanna, Kevin, presenter
Hartung, S. Person
Hessin, J. D. Person
HMCS Royal Roads Canadian Naval College Corporate body
Howland S. Chandler Person
Howland S. Chandler Person
Hurdle, J. Person
Inkster, Karen Person
Johnson & Stockdill
Juliana, Queen of the Netherlands, 1909-2004
Kaczmar, R. J. Person
Keen Engineering Co.
Keple, C. R. Person
Kirchmeir, Hermann W. Person
Kliza, Geoff H.A. Person
Knox, Jim Person
Ladislav Holovsky Architect
Lovell, Don Person
Marshall, Martin Person
McCann, Kathleen Person
McCarter Nairne
Metcalfe, T. J. Person
Miller, Jeanie Person
Moffat, Monte Person
Neill, Roger Person
Ney, M. F. Person
Nurse, Betsy
Oke, D. H. Person
Palmer, R. J. Person
Paul Merrick Architects Corporate body
Purcell, Derek Person
Quinn, R. Person
R. Lennox Mackenzie
Reid Crowther & Partners Ltd.
Resch, Ryan Person
Robert F. Harrison Associates
Robert Freundlich & Associates Ltd.
Robert M. Patterson Associates Corporate body
Ross Thomas Person
Royal Canadian Naval College Corporate body
Royal Canadian Naval Reserve
Royal Canadian Naval Reserves
Royal Canadian Navy
Royal Canadian Navy
Royal Canadian Navy - Royal Canadian Air Force Joint Services College Corporate body
Royal Canadian Navy. Directorate of Naval Education
Royal Roads Military College Corporate body
Royal Roads Military College Band Corporate body
Royal Roads University Corporate body
Samuel Maclure Person
Samuel Maclure Person
Savage, C. Person
Schimdt, Eric Person
Shook, Cliff Person
Siddall Dennis Warner Architects Corporate body
Simon, Mark Person
Skinner, Richard Person
Slater, John Person
Stedman, Mike Person
Steward, R. B. Person
Szach, S. Person
The Wade Williams Corporation
Townsend, Michael Person
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